We have prepared a unique virtual experience that has never been seen before in Central Europe. It was important to keep the attention of the participants for two days at the screens so that they would take away not only the necessary information, but also an experience they would remember for a long time. At the same time, in a fun and unique way, to convey to the employees Microsoft's redefined positioning, to which they will develop a personal relationship for themselves as individuals. We invited the start-up Conferomatic, which created a virtual world directly for Microsoft, to collaborate with us. With the help of professionals from AudioLight, we handled all the lectures and discussions live for two days. In total, we streamed 10h, during which we had over 20 speakers from different locations in Central Europe. The live broadcasts were streamed to the participants on specially created stages in the virtual world.

Tools and activities

We created a unique virtual world where each participant had their own avatar. The whole program was aimed at understanding the new positioning so that employees would accept it as their own and find a personal relationship with it. Not only the program itself, the invited guests, but the whole world reflected Microsoft's new strategy. Several clues were placed around the world to tell attendees what the positioning was all about. They discovered and then defined the different elements of positioning themselves and, more importantly, developed a relationship with it. No one gave them the exact wording, they defined it together in their own way. Positioning was also supported through professional facilitators who educated the participants in different areas.


  • 200 participants
  • 20 speakers
  • live streaming from 4 countries
  • 8.5 event ratings from attendees
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