We decided to use the RTX version of Minecraft, where the benefits of graphics cards are clearly evident and whose fans represent the widest gaming audience. We therefore teamed up with wellknown streamers and YouTubers, who were directly involved in the campaign - because they know best what their fans expect. But to avoid creating traditional content that would blend in with other creators' streams and videos, we came up with an engaging format of in-game comics that we used across all their social media channels. What's more, we got the fans themselves involved!

Tools and activities

We created a unique comic photo story called The Great Pixel Adventure. The main actors of the story were the Minecraft characters of our nine influencers of three different nationalities, who had to fight their way through a thrilling and entertaining storyline together. But in addition to promoting them on social media, we also had them film and dub the story, which was natural and engaging for their fans, who were surprised by the unusual format of their beloved game. The campaign started with a live stream of our influencers building the first scene of the story and involving their fans in the creation. Later on, other parts of the story were shared on social media and behind the scenes peeks into the project were available in the live streams. This way we managed to keep the audience enthusiastic throughout, which was also confirmed by the positive sentiment in the comments.


The campaign surpassed 4.4 million social media views and 300,000 video views cumulatively across all countries. The promotion was run organically amongst influencer fans only, with no additional media spend required. The campaign reinforced the gaming community's perception of NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards as a valuable asset to gaming, across all markets. In addition, NVIDIA GeForce RTX cards have proven to be a valuable asset to the gaming experience, giving fans exactly what they love to watch, with a unique flair they won't forget.

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