In the first phase, we prepared a PR stunt in the Prague metro, which was open to any passenger who was on public transport. We did not promote the event and the intention was to get authentic reactions of surprised passengers and their spontaneous involvement in the flashmob. In order to make the experience relevant to the millions of sports fans, we shot a video of the PR stunt on the spot.

In the second phase, we also prepared a special ride for influencers, who shared their experience of the PR stunt to Stories directly from the venue, so they could be the first to report on the event.

In the third phase, we published the first clip from the happening the very next day on social media and in selected media outlets. These first shots served as teasing for the main video.

In the fourth phase, our main video of the event was promoted on social media and articles about the sports madness in the Prague metro were published.

Tools and activities

Our intention was to create a unique experience for passengers that would remind them of the start of the Winter Olympics in a fun way. The stunt had to work well not only for the video, but also as a memorable experience for passengers. We prepared several funny scenes that the athletes performed in the carriage and on the platform, and as a surprise we had famous athletes that passengers could say hello to and take pictures with. The atmosphere on site was captivating and many passengers spontaneously joined in and really enjoyed the event. It was crucial to the whole concept that we managed to execute the whole event during the day during normal metro operation, which no brand has managed to do before.


In total, we managed to get 7,888,495 impressions in two weeks with the campaign. In total, we recorded 2,375,000 views of the PR stunt video across all online platforms. The vast majority of comments were enthusiastic reactions to the original form of brand presentation. One hundred enthusiastic participants of the stunt was just the icing on the cake.

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