We have defined the environment where our target group is most active - in shopping centres, especially in times of great heat. We came to the target group with a manufactured Wheel of Fortune, which reflected the form of the online visualization of the wheel. The manufactured wheel was placed at the so-called Sazka cornu, where customers could also register for the Sazka club to spin the wheel. The Wheel of Fortune was manned by two hostesses and the service at the Sazka corners was reinforced to avoid queues and make registration quick.

Tools and activities

The dominant feature of the event was the Wheel of Fortune, which we used to visit eight different shopping centres across the country. We made two wheels so that we could be in several places at the same time. Registered customers to the Sazka Club could spin the wheel of fortune and win one of the financial or non-financial prizes or be entered into a draw for one hundred thousand crowns. There were a total of 4 hostesses in each shopping centre, with two serving customers directly at the wheel and two encouraging OC visitors to visit the Sazka cornu. At the same time, there were always two Sazka employees at the Sazka cornu, who carried out the registrations.


In four weekends, we visited eight locations, gaining three times the number of new registrations than the client's target. In total, over 4.5k people took a spin around the Wheel of Fortune, over 75% of them due to new registrations. This was Sazka's most successful acquisition campaign last year.

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