From our research of available data and a survey with clients of znesnáze21, we found that a common barrier to starting a collection is a shame. So we came up with the concept that Helping others is normal, based on the idea that people help others in everyday life situations without much thought, and somehow logically. After all, we all help with the heavy shopping up the stairs, and none of us is going to let a door in someone's face. Even more so, it's normal to help each other out when it's a bigger problem where helping out requires a fundraiser. In that spirit, we've created a hilarious video with Martha Issova that works with an absurd situation where a woman won't let any of her fellow shoppers hand her a straw and she wants to help herself at any cost. Issová, who is popular with the target segments, was also cast in a series of static visuals, again depicting absurd situations.

Tools and activities 

For targeting and retargeting campaign content, we used the client's profiles on the Meta network, but also banners and other areas on Sklik or Google, and of course YouTube. As a bonus, we prepared PR coverage of the campaign launch, focused on media like, given the target audience. As a part of the preparation of the marketing funnel, we prepared a detailed landing page audit, modification and simplification of forms, testing of different formats and creatives, as well as keyword analysis. It helped the client to get to the top of the search engines. We also leveraged data about donors from znesnáze21 to create lookalike audiences and a Google grant that allowed us to place ads specifically near content related to women's interests and topics.


The total number of fundraising requests via the form increased by 291.35% during the campaign on the znesnáze21 portal. Of these, enough fundraisers passed through the client's rigorous approval screen to nearly double the increase from 2021. The increase in quantity went hand in hand with an increase in quality. Additionally, customers coming from campaign content spent two to three times more time on the site than others. This shows that our targeting was accurate and we brought not just casual curious people to the znesnáze21 portal, but people with a genuine interest in philanthropy.

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