As part of the communication, we worked with influencer Nikol Štíbrová, who has been associated with the brand for a long time. We used her Instagram channel, as well as paid formats and PR. In the concept, we worked with the theme of Christmas classics - we count on the fact that our target group has Christmas associated with TV programmes, favourite films and series. And not only with Czech ones, but with world ones. We paraphrase famous scenes we love and combine them with ZOOT products and benefits. With our concept, we show ZOOT as a personality who enjoys the same things and has the same interests as the women who shop at ZOOT = this is how we humanized the brand. The concept of dressing up and parody has long been popularised in the Czech Republic by Your Face Has a Famous Voice and we have also ridden this trend...

Tools and activities

The creations included variations and parodies of popular scenes, which were given a new dimension thanks to the personal approach and humour of Nicole Štíbrová. She also involved her partner Petr Leitgeb in the campaign and the creatives alternate and complement each other. The photos taken in the ZOOT studio are just one wave of communication. ZOOT has also taken the idea of pop culture references and allusions to the full in its own merchandise line or in its social media communication. OOH formats were an essential part of the campaign, with billboards still working after Christmas for great success.


The campaign started and caused a big BOOM and since then it has been a success across the media - the day after the campaign started, we appeared on and fulfilled one of the client's wishes. Nikol Štíbrová received over 76,400 likes and 1,000 comments with positive sentiment on her post with the campaign visuals in one day (praise also came from influencers like TMBK, Andrea Kalousová, Marek Pavala...). Already the first post of Nikol hit 451,833 users organically and @stibrovicnikolka proved once again that she is the number one influencer. The Christmas landing page ranked among the five most visited pages on with a total of 755,837 views. Furthermore, the organic reach on ZOOT's Instagram profile was 420 thousand people and we reached 538 thousand users organically in Stories.

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